Oxidant Cream

Lady Color Oxidant Cream

6%, 9%, 12%Volume: 150, 1000 ml Using this product does not result in a rough texture and damaged hair due to the special formulation of this product

Deco cream

Lady Color Keratin Deco Cream

Contains KeratinVolume: 200 gTo lighten hairWithout causing hair breakage and dry hairContains keratin to fix damaged hairHigh QualityContains conditioner to prevent dry hairWith professional formulation and essential oils for hair health



Lady New FiveVolume: 500 gWith Special FormulationContains KeratinRestores health and vitality to hairRepairs damaged hairFormulated with essential proteins for hairSmooth and glossy-looking hair

deco cream

Deco Cream

Lady New FiveVolume: 150*2 mlWith a power equal to bleaching powderTo discolor hairWith a special formulationSuitable for damaged hairNo burning or itchingAmmonia-free

Oxidant cream

Oxidant Cream

Contains Vitamin and Conditioner6%, 9%, 12%Volume: 150, 1000, 4000 mlMixes with all colorsNo burning or itchingContains vitamin to maintain hair healthStrong discoloration without damaging hair